Critical Reading

The articles in this section come from a series of articles that I wrote for Update magazine in 2005/6 and for Pulse in 2001 as well as a few other articles which are relevant when critically appraising the medical literature.

AKT (Applied Knowledge Test for MRCGP exam)

These are short articles that I have written which may be helpful to anyone revising for the AKT exam. For a more in depth look at Systematic Reviews there is a longer article here.

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Critical Reading Articles Overview

This section contains a series of articles on critical reading. Six of these were originally written for Pulse magazine in 2001 and have been edited in 2016. There are also articles from a series in Update in 2005. Other articles highlight bias that can occur in the way that research is reported and draw attention the sort of problems that may be worth looking for when reading the medical literature.